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Awan LLM

Unlimited Tokens, Unrestricted and Cost-Effective LLM Inference API Platform for Power Users and Developers

Unlimited Tokens.

Send and recieve unlimited tokens up to the models' context limit.


Use LLM models without constraints or censorship.


Use LLM models without worry by only paying per month instead of per token.


Ask for help as much as you want with an AI Assistant powered by Awan LLM API.

AI Agents

Let your agents run wild working on something big without worrying about token usage.


Go on grand adventures with your AI companions without being censored or counting your tokens.

Data Processing

Process your immense amount of data quickly without limits.

Code Completion

Write more code faster and better with limitless code completions.


Make your AI powered applications profitable by eliminating your tokens cost.

Frequently asked questions

How can you provide unlimited token generation?

Unlike other API providers, we own our own datacenters and GPUs.

How do I use this?

Sign up for an account and then check out our Quick-Start page to see how easy it is to use our API endpoints.

How do I contact Awan LLM support?

You can contact us at or clicking the contact button at the top of the page.

Do you keep logs of prompts and generation?

No. We do not log any prompt or generation as explained in our Privacy Policy page.

Why is Awan LLM better than other LLM API providers?

We provide unlimited tokens generations making it cheaper than other providers that charge based on tokens sent and recieved.

Is there a hidden limit imposed?

We only have request rate limits which are clearly explained in our Models and Pricing page.

Why use Awan LLM API instead of self-hosting LLMs?

It will cost you significantly less to use our API than renting GPUs in the cloud or paying electricity to run your own GPUs.

What if I want to use a model that's not here?

If a model you want to use is not in our Models page, you can contact us to request to add it.